Five Major Reasons Your Church May Be Stuck

Episode #588
November 12, 2019
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From church idols to church busyness, Thom and Sam discuss the major reasons why your church might be stuck. Sometimes the reason a church is stuck is that there is a fear of change, other times because of a bully. Listen in as Thom and Sam talk about the issues and potential solutions.

Reasons a church might be stuck:

  1. There is an idolatry of the past.
  2. Critics and bullies are holding the church hostage.
  3. The pastor has been burned in the past and fears leading change.
  4. The church likes evangelism in theory only.
  5. The church has become activity driven.

Other highlights:

  • The goal of fostering a church is to help them return to a state of independence. 
  • Trust that breaks down will eventually be detrimental to any relationship.
  • Fostering is local churches helping local churches. 
  • God gave you a specific address for a specific reason. Loving your neighbor applies to people and churches.
  • If leadership is not aligned, then you should not move forward. 

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