Five Micro-Strategies for Growing Your Church

Episode #512
February 19, 2019
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Growth in a church doesn’t have to be the result of a large strategy. Today we discuss how a few small things can lead to big growth.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • Many pastors and church leaders try to start too much in their church.
  • Too many local community ministries don’t have a clear outreach component that connects people to a church service.
  • Outreach to local adults with special needs is a great opportunity for a church to serve its community.
  • Small increases in a church can lead to big momentum for growth.

The five micro-strategies we discuss are:

  1. Get a commitment from one or two groups.
  2. Start a ministry from scratch with a clear outreach component to it.
  3. Find a group in your community that may be neglected in ministry.
  4. Make Pray and Go an ongoing ministry of your church.
  5. Try a few of the 16 adjustments.

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