Fixing the “Too Empty or ‘Too Full’ Problem in a Church

Episode #207
March 15, 2016
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Podcast Episode #207

Discussion about the issues surrounding a church feeling too empty or too full and how to combat those issues.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • Your church worship facility will feel full to attendees when it’s above 80% capacity.
  • From a conceptual point of view, it’s easier to deal with the “too full” problem than the “too empty” problem.
  • Churches that are often most effective with reaching new people with the gospel are new churches or new multi-site venues.
  • Alleviating a “too full” feeling in a worship service can often result in a “too empty” problem.
  • Sometimes pews become a problem when a church service is too empty because they can’t be moved.
  • Church mergers are becoming a greater option for churches that are shrinking.
  • In a church merger, leadership and DNA needs to come from the healthy church, not the dying one.

The ways we discuss solving the too full and too empty problems are:

  • Solving the Too Full Problem
    1. Multi-service
    2. Multi-venue
    3. Multi-site
    4. Plant a new church
  • Solving the Too Empty Problem
    1. Use false walls or portable walls
    2. Set up fewer seats
    3. Move to another venue
    4. Consider a building program
    5. Possible church mergers

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