Healthy Church Trends: A Look Back

Episode #186
December 29, 2015
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Podcast Episode #186

We take a look back at some healthy church trend predictions mentioned in a 2012 post to see how things have progressed over the past four years. Surprisingly, we see all 12 present in healthy churches today as we enter into 2016.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • If you read the Bible daily, you are more likely to become a more devoted follower of Christ.
  • If you’re not doing ministry and missions in your local community, you’re likely not a healthy church.
  • The SBC was the worst offender on lowering the bar of church membership. That has thankfully reversed.
  • Pastors of non-evangelistic churches don’t lead in evangelism.
  • What your church celebrates and focuses on, people tend to gravitate toward.
  • Most churches don’t have problems adding programs. They really struggle with eliminating them.

The 12 trends found in healthy churches are:

  1. The churches have a high view of Scripture.
  2. A large number of church members read the Bible daily.
  3. The churches have a priority and focus on the nations.
  4. The churches have a missional community presence.
  5. The congregations have membership that matters.
  6. The members are evangelistically intentional.
  7. These healthy churches have pastors who love the members.
  8. The churches allow their pastors to spend time in sermon preparation.
  9. There is clarity of the process of disciple making.
  10. These churches do less better.
  11. The process of discipleship moves members into ongoing small groups.
  12. Corporate prayer is intentional and prioritized.

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