How to Guide Your Church through the Coming Election Season without Losing Your Mind

Episode #860
July 2, 2024
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Presidential election years can be especially contentious, and this year will be no exception. Thom and Sam discuss how church leaders can manage the tension in ways that are helpful to the church body.

Four prevailing views of politics and the church:

    1. Churches should embrace politics.
    2. Churches should use politics.
    3. Churches should avoid politics.
    4. Churches should condemn politics.

You likely have a wide spectrum of views in your church. Remember, you always represent your church.

    • Avoid endorsing individual candidates from the pulpit.
    • Avoid debates on social media.
    • Avoid being co-opted into polarizing political movements.
    • Don’t fear being patriotic and using political examples in sermons.
    • Use cultural events like July 4th to unite rather than divide.
    • Use biblical language rather than political rhetoric.
    • People can tell when you are genuinely convicted and sincere.


  • Know My Community Politics Report – Coming soon!

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