What to Include in a Visitor Welcome Packet and Other Listener Questions

Episode #300
February 7, 2017
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Podcast Episode #300

We celebrate episode 300 with cupcakes and listener questions. We cover everything from welcome packets to marketplace pastors to Bible Belt churches and refusing members or money.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • It’s good to include member stories in your guest welcome packet to tell how God is moving in your church.
  • You can have church bullies at any level—they can be lay leaders, staff members, or even pastors.
  • What someone may claim as a pastor being a bully could actually be a member just not getting his/her way.
  • Don’t cater to every whim of church members to please people. It will burn you out.
  • I have turned down money from church members for one main reason—it had strings attached.
  • Churches should be selective in membership; churches need to know someone beforehe/she joins the church.
  • In the Bible Belt, there are people in the church who will not face the reality that they are not saved.

The questions we answer are:

From Wayne
What training do you believe is necessary for serving as a marketplace pastor? Since marketplace pastors are are limited in the amount of time they can realistically serve (I’m thinking primarily ministerial and administrative tasks), would it be best for them to serve on a team of “pastors/elders” or perhaps in a larger setting?

From Julie
What should my church include in our visitor welcome gift/packet?

From Lisa
I understand that some churches do have bully cartels. But some also have leaders who do not allow to be questioned by the church. What advice would you have for members in those churches?

From Joe
In the 2 years I have been ministering with my church, we have seen a shift in the average age of our congregation to a younger one. Along with this can come a shift in how we do ministry. We give more attention to families and our Sunday worship times have a more modern feel than before. None of this is exactly intentional, it’s just kind of developing on its own like that. Unfortunately, we have some within our older crowd who are feeling neglected and left out. How can we effectively minister to them and with them without just creating a social group?

From Bill
Under what circumstances, if any, is it appropriate for a church to turn down someone asking to join the church?Under what circumstances, if any, is it appropriate for a church to turn down a contribution?

From Todd
Montana: 14.9 members for 1 baptism ratio
New York: 15.4 members for 1 baptism ratio
New England: 15.5 members for 1 baptism ratio
Dakota: 15.7 members for 1 baptism ratio
Iowa: 15.7 members for 1 baptism ratio
Pennsylvania-South Jersey: 16.9 members for 1 baptism ratio

Alabama: 59.2 members for 1 baptism ratio
North Carolina: 59.3 members for 1 baptism ratio
Texas: 65.2 members for 1 baptism ratio

So my question is why do you think this phenomenon is occurring? In what ways does the spiritually harsher climate outside of the Bible belt actually aid in advancement of the Great Commission? Are there lessons to be learned from these non-Bible belt churches as the Bible belt becomes increasingly secular?

From Greg
The crisis has occurred, the old pastor is gone. Conflict was the reason he left. There are hurt and hard feelings between some that remain. What steps are required for healing to occur in the congregation?

From Renee
We are aware of the difficulty within our church as a dying church. There is little to no evangelistic effort – no new non-churched members over the past 5 years. Any growth over the past 3 years has been transfer growth. The majority of our congregation is in denial about the path our church is on without change. The opponents are preserving the church to the point of death. How do we reach/teach/enable/encourage the congregation of the necessity for change?

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