Legal Issues Facing Churches Today

Episode #436
May 29, 2018
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Podcast Episode #436

Legal expert and lawyer Josh Bryant joins us to discuss the five most important legal issues facing churches today.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • Church security is way more detailed than who should carry a gun.
  • You’re way more likely to have other types of security issues at your church than you are to have an active shooter.
  • When a church’s bylaws are not followed or they are a mess, there is potential for major legal issues for a church.
  • Churches need to make sure they have the right type of insurance coverage and the right amount of insurance coverage.

The five legal issues we cover on this episode are:

  1. Church Security Issues
  2. Bylaws in Disarray
  3. Property and Zoning Issues
  4. Insurance Disputes
  5. Child Protection and Mandated Reporting

About Josh Bryant

Josh Bryant is the Managing Attorney at Church General Counsel. He seeks to help churches bolster church growth and ministry needs with legal compliance and best risk management practices. After earning his Juris Doctorate from the University of Arkansas School of Law in Fayetteville, Arkansas he spent five years as a litigation attorney. Only a month into his legal career, God saw fit to call he and his wife into ministry. They spent the next five years preparing for that before he became the Pastor of Adult Discipleship at First Baptist Church in Rogers Arkansas. He did that for around five years but also spent a significant amount of time helping his and other churches with the legalities of operating a church. He now does that full time, helping churches and pastors around the country grow their ministries with the law.

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