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Episode #033
December 6, 2013
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Podcast Episode #033

Todd Adkins joins us to discuss the need for improved leadership training in the church and how Ministry Grid can help local churches to produce better leaders and, as a result, healthier churches.
When we were preparing to launch Ministry Grid, our research showed that 75% of pastors surveyed did not have a plan to train their leaders. There were four primary reason for this:

  1. Pastors don’t know how to train others. It’s not a leadership problem as much as it is a leadership development problem.
  2. Pastors don’t have time, nor do volunteers have the time to sit through lengthy sessions of training.
  3. Churches can’t afford it. The costs of training conferences or materials were simply too high.
  4. There is no framework available to them to use to train their people.

I can relate to this a great deal. One of the areas in which I was deficient as a pastor was equipping the saints to do the work of ministry. If I had Ministry Grid, I would have been asking the questions:

  • What do I need for my church members to be equipped?
  • What are the priorities?
  • Who do I need to equip?

And if I had Ministry Grid back then, I would have been establishing answers to these questions right away. It would have helped me immediately. While I’m no longer pastoring, Ministry Grid is now here to aid in training the next generation of church leaders and pastors. You can find out more at

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This week’s podcast is brought to you by Ministry Grid, a leadership training platform which just launched on 11/12/13. Ministry Grid features more than 1,500 videos, including 200 free videos, and is fully customizable to the needs of your church with the option for you to add content, create tracks for different ministries, and track the progress of participants. Ministry Grid offers training for all areas of ministry from the parking lot to the pulpit. It’s training made simple. For more information and to check out dozens of free videos or to visit the blog, go to


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