Nine Keys to Successful Sermon Preparation

Episode #097
February 10, 2015
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Podcast Episode #097

Preparing to preach a sermon, or multiple sermons, each week is the most daunting and most important thing a pastor does as the shepherd of a church. So this week, we cover some essential practices for pastors to employ that will aid in sermon preparation.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • Preaching should be one of the highest priorities in the ministry of a pastor.
  • Worship leaders love pastors who communicate what they are going to preach and when.
  • If you try to do sermon prep in your margins of time, you’ll never have enough time and the sermons will suffer.
  • What gets calendared gets done. — Michael Hyatt
  • Add an extra 20% of time to your sermon prep time to have margin for emergencies.
  • Set a sermon completion target date. Try to make that earlier in the week to account for issues that may come up in the church.

The 9 keys for successful sermon preparation are:

  1. Make it a priority
  2. Determine your comfort level with planning in advance
  3. Let your congregation know of the priority
  4. Put it in your calendar
  5. Allocate 20% more time than you think you will need
  6. Allocate your time according to your study plan: reading the text, draft, commentaries, etc.
  7. Determine a completion day: ex: done by Thursday
  8. Be prepared to change
  9. Don’t leave out prayer

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