Overcoming the 12 Most Frequent Burdens Pastors Face

Episode #110
March 27, 2015
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Podcast Episode #110

We will cover a recent post from Chuck Lawless on pastoral burdens.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • 70% of churches in America are declining.
  • Many times pastors determine their self-worth by how their church is doing numerically.
  • Pastors are often unfairly blamed for the moral failure of a staff member.
  • It’s hard for pastors to have friends in the church because friends are perceived as favorites.
  • The “arms race” regarding church facilities over the past few decades has been counterproductive in many ways.
  • Overcoming burdens in ministry and life heavily depends on where your focus lies—on Christ or on something lesser.

The 12 most frequent burdens pastors face are:

  1. Declining church growth.
  2. Losing the support of friends.
  3. Grieving a fall.
  4. Sensing that the sermon went nowhere.
  5. Losing vision.
  6. Being lonely.
  7. Dealing with unsupportive staff.
  8. Remembering failures.
  9. Dealing with death recurrently.
  10. Facing personal jealousies.
  11. Balancing family and ministry priorities.
  12. Responding to criticism.

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