What to Do When a Pastor or Staff Member Leaves

Episode #109
March 24, 2015
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Podcast Episode #109

We constantly receive questions from listeners of the podcast and readers of the blog and use those questions to frame the content here at ThomRainer.com. Today we use a question from a listener to jump into a discussion about what to do when a staff member leaves.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • The nature of ministry is relationship-driven.
  • The most expensive hire you’ll ever make is the wrong one.
  • Don’t assume that you can communicate too much.
  • If you were starting from scratch, would you need the same staff at your church?
  • In most of our churches across North America, our processes are ineffective.
  • Circumventing the pastor’s buy-in when hiring a staff member is often a recipe for disaster.

Our nine suggestions for churches looking to hire a new pastor or staff member are:

  1. Understand that a natural time of grief is needed
  2. Over-communicate the process and timeline
  3. Evaluate if the needs for that position have changed
  4. Explain carefully the process to look for a replacement
  5. Don’t rush into hiring
  6. Consider new methods of search
  7. Get buy-in from key leaders (formal and informal)
  8. Regardless of the process, the pastor must have buy-in
  9. Background checks have changed and are mandatory

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