Pastoral Leadership, Prayer, and Church Health

Episode #316
April 4, 2017
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Podcast Episode #316

I recently spoke at a church in central Arkansas. What I discovered was a prayer ministry entering its 15th year. Here are my takeaways from the experience.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • Prayer should fuel every ministry in a church.
  • There tends to be less conflict when a church’s ministries are rooted in prayer.
  • Praying churches are typically unified churches.
  • Churches high on prayer and low on conflict often have long-term pastors.
  • Is an intentional prayer ministry the missing ingredient in many of our churches?
  • An intentional prayer ministry broadens what prayer is all about.

The eight points we discuss in this episode related to pastors and prayer are:

  1. A unique story of one church
  2. A missions minded congregation
  3. Conversions resulted
  4. Less conflict in the church
  5. Requires tenacious leadership
  6. Requires accountability
  7. Results in long-term tenure
  8. Is it what is missing in most of our churches?

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Resources Mentioned in Today’s Podcast

The Prayer Wall at Valley Baptist (names and phone numbers have been edited out of the photograph)