Why Pastors Are Hesitant to Take Jobs at Established Churches

Episode #057
May 30, 2014
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Podcast Episode #057

On a recent post, friend of the blog Ron Edmondson requested we expound more on why pastors are sometimes hesitant to take jobs at established churches. Ron asked, and we listened. So today, we cover what an established church is (one who has been in existence for a sufficient amount of time so that it has patterns of behavior that are routine) and why they struggle to find capable, qualified pastoral candidates at times. We started with these ten reasons:

  1. We don’t celebrate the victories of established churches and their pastors.
  2. Church culture is increasingly negative, and some established churches have followed this trend. 
  3. Some pastors have the “grass is greener” syndrome.
  4. We have failed to equip many pastors in leadership and relational skills.
  5. There is often a chasm between the expectations of pastors and the expectations of the congregations. 
  6. The Internet age makes information readily available.
  7. Established church members often compare their pastors to gifted orators on podcasts and other media.
  8. More pastors are tempted to move campus pastor roles at multi-site churches. 
  9. More pastors are tempted to start new churches.
  10. Giving is declining in many established churches, reducing the availability of resources the church once had.

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