Seven Symptoms of a Dying Church

Episode #529
April 19, 2019
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Dying churches often exhibit symptoms of dying along the way. Today we cover seven of these symptoms and how to combat them.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • When a church is in “fight mode, it is inwardly focused and likely not reaching people for Christ.
  • Meetings always seem to fill the time slot you give for them. Don’t give them more time than is actually needed to cover the business at hand.
  • There is usually to be plenty of blame being thrown around in dying churches.
  • Church vernacular can be off-putting to guests. It’s like hearing people speak in a foreign language.

The seven symptoms that we discuss are:

  1. Continuous battles
  2. Numerical declines of three or more years
  3. Rooms as idols
  4. Memorials and plaques
  5. Prolonged meetings
  6. Deflection of blame
  7. Methodological stability

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