Seven Warnings for Church Leaders Who Use Social Media

Episode #075
October 10, 2014
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Podcast Episode #075

Social media has become one of the most effective ways for us to communicate. While there is so much good in social media, it can be used quite negatively. So in this episode, we consider seven warnings for church leaders to heed when using social media.

Some highlights from the episode:

  • Approach social media with great care because what you say online will likely be with you as long as you live.
  • Employers are now doing four types of background checks: references, legal, credit, and social media.
  • The smiley face emoji is often the social media version of “bless your heart.”
  • The beauty of social media is that there is no gatekeeper and you can post anything. The downside of social media is that there is no gatekeeper and you can post anything.
  • When you’re angry and negative online, you don’t just hurt your reputation; you hurt your family’s reputation and your Christian witness as well.
  • I’m hearing about more and more ministers and pastors who do not get jobs because of their negativity on social media.

The seven warnings we cover are:

  1. Consider anything you say on social media to be permanent.
  2. You can be misunderstood often on social media.
  3. Emoticons are not sufficient to soften what you have posted.
  4. Attacks on other people’s character or positions are considered cowardly by many.
  5. Too many Christian leaders are posting on social media in the heat of emotional moments.
  6. Churches and other Christian organizations are checking social media of Christian leaders.
  7. The non-Christian world is watching Christians attack each other on social media.

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