Seven Ways Healthy Church Members Pray for Their Pastors

Episode #549
June 28, 2019
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Church members who are unifying are church members who pray for their church. Today, we discuss seven areas that you can pray for your pastor and church staff.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • The number one way you can help your pastor and church staff is by praying for them.
  • Imagine if people spent as much time praying for the pastor’s sermon as they did critiquing it.
  • You will burn out in ministry if you rely on your own strength. You have to rely on the Spirit.
  • Don’t let your work for God take away from your walk with God.

The seven ways to pray that we discuss are:

  1. They pray for their protection.
  2. They pray for their families.
  3. They pray for their preaching.
  4. They pray for their physical stamina.
  5. They pray for their emotional stamina.
  6. They pray for their walk with God.
  7. They pray for their clarity of vision.

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