Six Warning Signs of Church Dropouts

Episode #192
January 22, 2016
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Podcast Episode #192

We cover six early indicators that someone might be on the verge of dropping out. These reasons are common in any size church, but many are reversible with the implementation of a monitoring system.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • Simply put, church growth equals more people coming into the church than leaving the church.
  • Taking roll in small groups helps keep members accountable and to recognize when members may be having problems.
  • Each small group or class needs someone to monitor absences and follow up with those who miss.
  • Many times, family problems embarrass church members and they end up attending less frequently or drop out altogether.
  • The single most common family issue that leads to people dropping out of church is divorce.
  • Because of what it takes to keep people in the church who have had a moral failure, many pastors choose to do nothing.

The six leading indicators that someone is about to drop out of church are:

  1. Decreased frequency in attendance
  2. No longer attending a group
  3. Decreased giving patterns
  4. Major participant in a church conflict
  5. Family problems
  6. Moral failure

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