Small Group Alignment

Episode #013
July 12, 2013
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Podcast Episode #013

I recently addressed the importance of aligning your small groups to the direction of the church. It was something that I struggled with as a pastor. I didn’t know what our classes were going through in their studies. They could have easily been going in a different direction than the church was headed, and I would have never known. This is a critical issue in the church, and it’s also a fine line for a pastor to walk. He shouldn’t be dictatorial about what is studied in the small groups, but he does need to be informed and needs to set the vision and direction of the small groups.
We address five dangers of not having your small groups aligned with the vision of the church. Those dangers are:

  1. Because preaching is held to a higher standard, the perception becomes that the small group teaching is just not that important.
  2. The vision of the church could be distracted or derailed.
  3. It opens the door for heretical teaching.
  4. It takes away from the unity of the church.
  5. It does not allow for strategic teaching.

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