The New Marketplace Pastor

Episode #193
January 26, 2016
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Podcast Episode #193

We discuss a recent post on a new trend regarding pastors. Many pastors are choosing to continue to serve in secular vocations even when a church can afford to pay them for full-time work. These marketplace pastors are a growing trend worth a further look.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • Marketplace pastors serve for part-time pay because they chose to, not because the church can’t afford full-time compensation.
  • Marketplace pastors often have more opportunities for gospel conversations than those who are full-time pastors.
  • Pastors sometimes don’t say or do things that need to be done because their salary is tied to keeping peace in the church.
  • I would say about 60% of active church members believe they are “the pastor’s boss.”
  • Pastors who are not completely dependent on a church financially tend to deal with critics differently.
  • Online training is the way to go for marketplace pastors.

The eight characteristics of marketplace pastors we cover today are:

  1. The marketplace pastor serves in churches that could offer full-time compensation to the pastor, but they choose not to do so.
  2. Marketplace pastors get their name by their desire to stay in the marketplace with one of their vocations.
  3. Marketplace pastors tend to have extraordinary leadership skills.
  4. These pastors have a high work capacity.
  5. These pastors will have long tenures.
  6. Marketplace pastors will be able to deal with critics more freely.
  7. Marketplace pastors will be serving in a wide range of churches of varying sizes.
  8. Marketplace pastors will get their ministry and theological training online.

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