Trends to Watch for in 2016 (part two)

Episode #188
January 8, 2016
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Podcast Episode #188

We examine the second half of my 16 trends to watch for in 2016. We covered the first half of the trends in podcast #187.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • In the future denominations will need to partner along side churches to resource them instead of pushing resources down to them.
  • Churches are having difficulty finding staff that they need. The old systems don’t work anymore.
  • One of the major benefits of using a search firm to help find church staff is the speed of finding the right person.
  • Congregations are tenacious. They don’t die easily.
  • The silver lining to churches dying is that new churches will have facilities available.
  • The increased adversarial role of government is making it difficult for churches in the US.
  • The entertainment focus of senior adult ministry is waning.

The eight trends we cover today are:

  1. The rise of the mini-denomination church.
  2. Increased pastoral tenure.
  3. Rise of alternative ministry placement organizations.
  4. Increase in the number of Millennials who are Christians.
  5. Accelerated decline of 100,000 American congregations.
  6. Churches no longer viewed favorably by many governmental units.
  7. More bivocational pastors and staff.
  8. Dramatic changes in senior adult ministries.

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