What Dying Churches Have in Common

Episode #025
January 25, 2018
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While not every church is alike, many that are dying often exhibit similar signs. We cover seven of those today.

Today’s Listener Question:


What are some more symptoms you could list (maybe other than some of the ones in Autopsy of a Deceased Church) that might be exhibited in a church on its death bed?

Episode Highlights:

  • Culture is changing whether we want to accept it or not.
  • It’s often better to approach change at an individual level before your try to change things at the corporate level.
  • Healthy churches are often acceptant, excited, and embracing of change.
  • If nostalgia is the dominant emotion in a church, it’s likely dying.
  • Holy huddles are serious problems is too many churches.

The seven things dying churches have in common are:

  1. Anger at change
  2. Nostalgia on steroids
  3. Confusion of methods and facilities with the gospel
  4. Little to no interaction with non-Christians
  5. Deflected blame
  6. Refusal to see reality
  7. Very little time left for survival

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