Eight Common Characteristics of Successful Church Revitalizations

Episode #012
November 9, 2017
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While numbers often show revitalization progress, sometimes there are more subtle indicators that your church is revitalizing. Today, we cover eight of those markers.

Today’s Listener Question:


I’m currently in the midst of a revitalization effort at the church I pastor here in Alabama. Is there any way to know if we’re making progress other than just looking at changes to the raw numbers?

Episode Highlights:

  • Every church has key lay leaders who influence the people.
  • Church revitalization is not a human-centric effort.
  • The worship time is often a sacred cow in churches.
  • You have to continually remind church members of the vision of a church—even to redundancy.
  • If you want to lead real change in a church, you have to convey a sense of urgency.

The eight successful characteristics we cover are:

  1. The pastor formed an alliance of key influencers in the church
  2. The influencers made a commitment to pray daily for revitalization
  3. The church made a commitment to look like the community
  4. The church boldly confronted the issue of sacred cows
  5. Leadership developed a clear and compelling vision
  6. Leadership communicated a sense of urgency
  7. The pastor was willing to endure a season of intense criticism
  8. The leadership of the church was willing to let go of members

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

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