Five Reasons You Need Thick Skin to Lead in Church Revitalization or Replanting

Episode #040
May 10, 2018
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Revitalization takes thick skin to avoid the discouragements and criticisms. Today, we discuss five common criticisms and how to handle them.

Today’s Listener Question:


I hear you speak a lot about conflict. What are some keys to keep in mind as you deal with conflict and the hard work that comes during a replant or revitalization?

Episode Highlights:

  • The ubiquitous presence of criticism has made it both easier to take and to ignore criticism.
  • You have to love Jesus more than you love the things in your church.
  • If you’re looking to revitalize a church, you need spousal perseverance. Your spouse has to be all-in.
  • You can’t serve in the pastorate while in isolation. You need people pouring into your life in the ministry.

The five reasons we discuss are:

  1. Church members will criticize you as you lead change.
  2. Family and friends may think you are crazy.
  3. You probably won’t get much recognition for your work.
  4. Peers may have a condescending attitude toward you.
  5. You may not be perceived to be as cool as a church planter.

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