How to Prepare for a Long-term Tenured Revitalization

Episode #049
July 12, 2018
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Imagine if every pastor went into a revitalization with a determination to make it their final career stop. That long term view would be paradigm shifting.

Today’s Listener Question:


My husband is in the process of going to a new church as pastor. We listen to all your podcasts together and often talk about them afterward. We are planning on this being our last church as we’re in our 50s. What should he focus on (and maybe even me as well) to see this revitalization succeed in the long-term?

Episode Highlights:

  • You need at least a five-year view when you begin a revitalization.
  • Revitalization only starts when the church realizes and accepts the current reality.
  • Revitalization means change, and some church members won’t like that.
  • Leaders prefer winning all the time, but that’s not reality. Leaders need to be prepared to lose a “battle” and learn from it.

The five realities we discuss are:

  1. Accept the reality of the time it will take.
  2. Make certain your family is on board.
  3. Give the church members the same dose of reality
  4. Learn to be content with 3 steps forward and 2 steps backwards
  5. Be content and celebrate small victories.

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

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