Recipes for Failure in Revitalization

Episode #039
May 3, 2018
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Not every revitalization effort succeeds. Many fail, and they often fail because of the leader. Today we look at the types of leaders who will fail at revitalization.

Today’s Listener Question:


Benny’s question in episode 37 about what it takes to be a successful church revitalizer got me wondering—what are some characteristics of those who fail at revitalization?

Episode Highlights:

  • Pastors need to have a learning disposition—especially those in revitalization.
  • You’re not going to see fruit of revitalization if you don’t stay long at a church.
  • Being a church revitalizer is a noble position.
  • Too many people go into ministry with low relational skills, but ministry is all about relational skills.

The six types of people who will fail at church revitalization are:

  1. A self-sufficient know-it-all
  2. A short-termer
  3. A person whose family is not supportive
  4. A person dependent on the accolades of peers, denominations, and others
  5. A short-tempered person
  6. A person with weak relational skills and low relational intelligence

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