Revitalization in the Shadow of a Megachurch

Episode #130
January 30, 2020
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It’s time for another great episode of listener questions. These are some of our favorite episodes because we are able to respond to feedback from those who are making the work at Revitalize and Replant possible. If you have a listener question please submit those in the podcast comments.

From Scott:

What about doing a revitalization in the shadow of a megachurch…literally? I am the new pastor of a small church and there are several larger churches in our area. They would not classify as megachurches, but they have significant attendance nonetheless. We get a striking number of first-time visitors for a church of our size, but we are having trouble retaining them. One of the reasons is that they end up at one of these larger churches which has more resources and, therefore, feels more relevant. How does one go about revitalizing a church in the shadow of other congregations that simply have more intrinsic attractional pull?

From Jim:

I recently came to a church in need of revitalization. What I didn’t know is that there are some theological aberrations held by several members of the church. I feel called to stay, but how do I best deal with some of these theological issues without splitting the church or being told to split? I’m dealing with everything from a firm stance on post-millennialism being taught in Sunday school classes to a soft/affirming stance on LBGT issues being advocated for by some of the leadership.

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