Seven Ways Revitalizing Churches Can Reach a Changing Labor Force

Episode #75
January 10, 2019
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The labor force is changing. Is your church adapting? Today we discuss practical ways your church can see revitalization through meeting the needs of those in the community.

Today’s Listener Question from Tom:

One thing I’ve noticed about our church as we’ve moved toward revitalization is the change in when and how people are working. Many of our current members only know and have worked a traditional work schedule, but the people they want to reach now work non-traditional jobs. How do we navigate this?

Some highlights from today’s episode:

  • Churches with unused space during the week should consider the possibility of turning some of the space into co-working space for self-employed people in the community.
  • Senior adult ministry has radically changed in the past 20 years.
  • There are probably a lot of people in your community who would like to come to your church on Sunday mornings but work prevents them from doing so.
  • Sunday evening services may be coming back as duplicate services of Sunday mornings.

The seven ways that we discuss are:

  1. 44 million people work are self-employed or work for the self-employed (Idea: co-working at the church)
  2. 10 million older adults (age 65 or older) are working. (Idea: Training for older adults)
  3. 102 million people work in the service sector (Idea: Alternative worship days)
  4. 14 million single parents are raising 22 million children (Idea: adopt a family)
  5. There are over 2 million first responders (Idea: Coffee break)
  6. Do your own community study
  7. Try one ministry at a time

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

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