Should a Church Replant Change Its Name?

Episode #018
December 7, 2017
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Conventional wisdom may say “change the name, start fresh.” Today, we explain why that often is bad advice.

Today’s Listener Question:


In a replanting situation, should we rebrand the church and change the name?

Episode Highlights:

  • When you change the name of a church, it typically gets changed to something generic and nondescript.
  • Quick fixes may change the results, but they typically don’t change the heart of the people in your church.
  • There aren’t any easy pathways to church replanting.
  • Changing a church’s name shouldn’t be the first thing you run to in a replant.
  • Christ will never give up on us. What Christ has started in us, He will finish.
  • It takes a lot of work to reclaim with a community the name of a dying or dead church.
  • Want to change the perception of your church in the community? Serve the community with abandon.

The five reasons you might not want to change a name are:

  1. Conventional wisdom is not always wise.
  2. The unchurched community is not easily fooled.
  3. Shutting the church down in does not ensure a good restart.
  4. A better approach is to reclaim the name.
  5. The remaining members need to gain a new heart toward the community and one another.

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