Ten Ways to Fund a Church Replant

Episode #004
October 12, 2017
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Funds are often tight in dying churches. So when you’re replanting, how do you come up with the funds needed to turn things around? Today, we discuss 10 simple ways.

Today’s Listener Question:


I came to my church about 6 months ago as the bi-vo pastor at a church in an economically depressed area. I guess you could call it a replant or revitalization effort. Anyway, God has shown us favor, and we’ve grown from just under 40 to more than 60 over the past few months. But we are starting to have budget problems now. I think I know what needs to be done to keep the momentum going, but the funds to match the vision just aren’t there right now. How can I find more funds to continue the work God is doing here?

Episode Highlights:

  • “When financially squeezed, you have to determine where good dollars are going and where they’re being wasted.”
  • “Success is not making people in a church happy. It’s making disciples and reaching your community.”
  • Churches often spend a lot of money on things that don’t accomplish much.
  • Growth in giving nearly always lags behind growth in church attendance.
  • “The widow didn’t designate her mite.”
  • Funding follows vision.

The ten keys to funding a church replant that we cover in this episode are:

  1. Adjust the existing budget
  2. Review every contract and commitment
  3. Expect losses
  4. Deal with designated funds
  5. Develop ministry partners
  6. Raise personal support
  7. Propose new priorities
  8. Launch multiple giving venues
  9. Cast the vision repeatedly
  10. Trust God

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

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