The One Major Unspoken Barrier to Revitalization

Episode #93
May 16, 2019
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Revitalization won’t happen in a church that doesn’t put forth the effort. Today, we discuss why some churches actually don’t try to revitalize.

Episode Highlights:

  • There are two types of job coasting: laziness and avoidance.
  • Sometimes churches don’t think they need to revitalize because they compare themselves to other churches instead of realizing what they should be.
  • For churches needing major revitalization, often the pastor then end up hiring is not the pastor they actually need.
  • Most pastors don’t want to see their church die. Those who do need to check their own spiritual condition.

The points we discuss are:

  1. Simply stated, neither the members nor the pastor want to put forth the effort.
  2. Members are intensely change resistant.
  3. Some pastors have been burned.
  4. Some pastors are coasting.
  5. Common attitude #1: “Things are really not that bad.”
  6. Common attitude #2: “We will get the right pastor in time.”
  7. Common attitude #3: “We would rather die than change.”
  8. Almost all of the churches, if they seek help at all, wait too long.

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

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