The Unique Challenges of Revitalization in the Bible Belt

Episode #78
January 31, 2019
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The Bible Belt isn’t as unique as it once was in American culture. But revitalizing churches in the area often still requires some unique considerations.

This Week’s Question:

FROM AARON — I am finishing my seminary degree this semester and feel called to pastor in the Bible Belt. Since a lot of church revitalization is needed in the Bible Belt, what are some unique challenges of pastoring in the Bible belt?

Episode Highlights:

  • There’s not as much of a cultural divide in the Bible Belt as there used to be.
  • When we truly start to love Jesus more, we will start to love our neighbors more.
  • Just because someone may have joined a church earlier in life doesn’t make them truly a Christian.
  • Anyone who believes they are entitled to something from God, know the adversary has put that thought in you, not the Holy Spirit.

The seven reminders we cover are:

  1. Understand what is not unique about the Bible Belt.
  2. Clarify the “why” behind your sense of calling.
  3. Understand the plague of cultural Christianity
  4. Tactical patience is always important, no less so in the Bible belt
  5. Deal with the issue of unregenerate membership
  6. Be prepared to deal with an entitlement mentality
  7. Remember, a Great Commission outward focus is key wherever you serve

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

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