Pray for a Church in Lviv, Ukraine

This week, we are praying for a church in Lviv, Ukraine. We are not disclosing the church’s name or the name of the pastor to help protect them from potential threats.

A church in Lviv, Ukraine, is a bright light during a very dark time in Ukraine’s history. Lviv is located in the western part of Ukraine, approximately 50 miles from Poland. Many of the church’s members could have evacuated quickly across the border to safety. However, the church believes they have been called to stay, serve, and share the Gospel with those passing through their city. 

When Russia invaded Ukraine, the church quickly purchased a supply of food and fuel and opened a refugee shelter. During the first week, the church hosted 25 people each night but had to turn away many more who were seeking refuge. Last Sunday, the church had the opportunity to occupy an apartment in the city. The church started a second shelter, and now the church is hosting and providing humanitarian aid to 50 to 55 people per night.

The church is also providing transportation to the Polish border. There are options for transportation once refugees arrive in Poland and other surrounding countries. However, drivers from outside Ukraine are afraid to enter the country. The church is using vans to provide safe transportation from within the country to safer areas in Ukraine and to the Polish border. 

Please join us in praying specifically for:

  • God to provide the church with another apartment that can serve as a third refugee shelter
  • Large vans or small buses to transport refugees to safety. The church has drivers ready to serve.
  • Supplies to meet the humanitarian needs of the people passing through Lviv.
  • The hope of the Gospel to be shared and received.
  • Safety for the church’s pastor and congregation as they serve fellow Ukrainians with courage and conviction. 
  • Peace between Russia and Ukraine


Let us know if you prayed for a Church!

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