Pray for Bethel Baptist Church in Oakway, South Carolina

Interim Pastor: Tony Smith

Weekly Worship: 10:00 AM, Eastern

Fast Facts: Bethel Baptist Church is a part of the Oakway, SC, community and hosts an outstanding Vacation Bible School each summer for children through adults. They celebrate the kickoff of Vacation Bible School with a community-wide fireworks, hotdog, and bouncy house event that we also pair as their Independence Day celebration. Please pray for the church leadership team as they get closer to voting on some changes they are looking to make. Their biggest prayer is for the revitalization they are in the midst of. The church has seen significant decline in numbers and is working hard to facilitate change in a traditional church. Please pray for them during these uncertain times that they may have joy and press on toward what God is revealing to them

Website: LovingBethel.

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