Pray for Bethel Bear Creek Reformed Church in Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina

Bethel Bear Creek Reformed Church, located in Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina, was established in 1745. A unique and noteworthy historical feature of this church is its connection to every U.S. war dating back to the Revolutionary War. Their cemetery tells the stories of those who served. Though they remember the past, they remain focused on the future. 

Patrick McCabe serves as the pastor of Bethel Bear Creek Reformed Church (BBCRC). They are growing numerically and spiritually in greater health with their gospel-centered focus on ministry. Patrick is also nearing completion of his DMin degree in expository preaching. His aim in connection to his degree is to train and equip the lay elders of BBCRC in preaching and teaching throughout the church. 

Patrick asks for your prayers as he leads Bethel Bear Creek Reformed Church into the community with gospel intentionality.

Join us as we pray for these specific prayer needs:

  • Pray for the staff and leadership of BBCRC as they remain focused on preaching and teaching God’s word in clarity.
  • Pray for Patrick as he completes his DMin degree, that his degree will serve the church well and will aid in equipping the lay elders of his church.
  • Pray for continued health, growth, and discipleship of their members.
  • Pray for an increased intensity among the church members to engage the community with the gospel.
  • Pray for the many non-believers the Lord has providentially brought in to visit BBCRC, that their hearts will be softened toward the gospel and they will become disciples of Christ.
  • Pray that the members will honor the past of BBCRC, yet continue to look to God’s grace for his kingdom plan in 2024 and beyond. 
  • Pray for their small group ministries, that they will thrive and meet the gospel needs of those who attend, both believers and nonbelievers.

Let us know if you prayed for Bethel Bear Creek Reformed Church!