Pray for Calvary Bible Church in Columbus, Ohio

Pastor: Eric Sipe

Weekly Worship: 10:45 AM, Eastern

Fast Facts: Calvary Bible Church is more than 75 years old and enjoys a history of Gospel light in the center of Columbus. They minister to many ethnic groups in Columbus including the Chinese, Hispanic, Korean, and African nations. They count it a joy to see the Gospel changing hearts and growing many in Christlikeness. They are also seeking others who will join them in planting a church in various parts of Columbus that are growing in populationPlease pray for this church planting effort for the next year. Pray both for finances and for people to join in reaching Columbus with the gospel. They have a Christian School as well where making disciples of Jesus is the focus. While it takes much energy and financial backing, it has been greatly used to affect many for Jesus. Please pray for increased enrollment and for this next generation of young people to grow up to love, learn, and live Jesus.


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