Pray for Compassion Church in Hartwell, Georgia

Compassion Church started as one location that wanted to see people from every walk of life experience a true, life-changing relationship with Jesus. Today there are sixteen campuses across the United States, including one in Hartwell, Georgia.

Compassion Church Hartwell is a church revitalization that was doing well pre-COVID. The church grew from 45 to an average of 140 in three years. Post-COVID, the attendance has dropped to barely 45 attendees on a Sunday. 

Pastor Rick Womack returned to school this month so that he can serve as a bi-vocational pastor. May God bless Pastor Rick and Compassion Church Hartwell as they seek to reach their community and grow their ministry in 2021.

Please join us as we pray specifically for:

  • Recovery and growth of the church post-COVID.
  • The church to be able to launch a men’s recovery facility in the future.
  • Pastor Rick Womack as he leads Compassion Church Hartwell and attends classes.
  • The community of Hartwell, Georgia.


Let us know if you prayed for Compassion Church!