Pray for East Denver Church of God in Denver, Colorado

East Denver Church of God Northeast Denver, Colorado, ministers to the Central Park and Park Hill neighborhoods of their community. They are a multicultural congregation which began in 1917 and they remain committed to global evangelism. Their two focused areas of global support include Wycliff Bible Translators as well as youth and water projects in Costa Rica and Kenya. They also actively support a local food bank as part of their ministry.

Bobby Washington, born in Taiwan, serves as the pastor at East Denver. He has been serving in bi-vocational ministry for 25 years, including urban youth ministry and coaching high school varsity basketball. He is a graduate from Mid-America Christian University (1990) and is supported by his wife, Regina, of 36 years. They have two grown children.

Over the church’s history, they have seen a numeric decline which has especially been exacerbated by the effects of Covid. Please pray those who remain will be faithful to local and global missions, keeping that as their heartbeat.

Join us as we pray specifically for:

  • Guidance and support for a single dad in the church who has a special needs child.
  • Strength and continued focus of the church in local missions.
  • They will keep their heartbeat local and global missions, including their partnership with Wycliff Bible Translators.
  • Healing of their senior members emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
  • They will see the spiritual fruit of their labor by making disciples and growing in number.

Let us know if you prayed for East Denver Church of God!