Pray for First Baptist Church of Argyle in Argyle, Texas

Pastor: Bobby Cates

Weekly Worship: 10:45 AM, Central

Fast Facts: First Baptist Church of Argyle, though not always known by that name, was founded in 1876 and is the oldest congregation Argyle. After a 15 year decline, God is breathing new life into the fellowship with an influx of new members of all ages and various ethnicities. By God’s power, this once dying congregation has doubled in size in under two years. This Easter season will be busy for First Baptist. They are partnering with the town to plan the community Easter Egg hunt on April 13, and, on Easter Sunday, they are hosting two services—a first in the congregation’s history. Please pray for the wisdom of the leadership as they work to create a disciple-making culture. Also, pray for continued opportunities so that they may show their neighbors that they are loved by the church and by Christ.


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