Pray for First Baptist Church of Carmi in Carmi, Illinois

Pastor: Drake Caudill

Weekly Worship: 10:10 AM, Central

Fast Facts: In April of 1884, First Baptist Church of Carmi, Illinois, was formed. Over the years, many mission opportunities and programs have been started by FBC Carmi. For example, the Illinois Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services was started in 1918 and the pastor and deacons of FBC Carmi led the way to raise the funds. Numerous mission trips to Mexico and other outreach/mission opportunities over the years have led to the church becoming a church focused on missions and outreach. In 2019, FBC Carmi will be seeking to ‘love their city for the glory of God’ as it seeks to be more involved in the town of Carmi so that they may share the love of Christ with those in the town. As a congregation, they are praying for an increase in salvations and baptisms in 2019. Please pray that the congregation will have more opportunities to share the gospel with those in Carmi. Also pray for three special programs designed in 2019 to minister to their community: Easter Sunday services, Vacation Bible School and Christmas Eve services.


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