Pray for First Baptist Church of Delassus in Farmington, Missouri

Pastor: Cheston D. Pickard

Weekly Worship: Sunday at 10:45 AM, Central

Fast Facts: First Baptist Church of Delassus is located on the outside of Farmington, Missouri in a community called Delassus. At one time the little township was the county seat. Now, it is somewhat hidden and unknown in the area, but the church prays that the power of the gospel will spread from them like wildfire.

First Baptist Church of Delassus is a church with a congregation of over 100 that consists primarily of older people. The church desperately needs leaders, deacons, and teachers. Pray that the Lord would raise up workers and leaders within the church.

The church is currently doing the evangelism effort, Who’s Your One. Please pray that as the church seeks revitalization from the Holy Spirit, the Lord will work mightily in the lost in their area.


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