Pray for Greater New Bethel of Liberty City Florida in Miami, Florida



Greater New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church of Liberty City, better known as GNBINTHECITY, sits in the community of Liberty City, Florida where the majority of the inhabitants live below the poverty line. Not only does the crime rate of the neighborhood known as Liberty City exceed the national numbers, but it is also among the highest for the neighborhoods within Miami-Dade County. Under the leadership of Pastor Martai McCullough, the church’s mission has become to be a church without walls to serve those in need in their community.

Shortly after purchasing and paying off their building, GNBINTHECITY was damaged by a bad hurricane. They were forced to take on a small business loan to make repairs. They were doing well with the repayment until the pandemic hit and their income drastically dropped.

Even in their struggle, the church believes in blessing others. GNBINTHECITY has continued to be the hands and feet of Jesus through the feeding of the poor and homeless and providing assistance to the many underprivileged families within their community area. GNBINTHECITY is trusting the Lord to see them through this trying time.

Please join us as we pray specifically for:

  • God to provide a way for GNBINTHECITY to make their loan payments so they will not lose their building.
  • The membership of GNBINTHECITY.
  • Pastor Martai McCullough as he leads GNBINTHECITY through the upcoming holiday season and into the new year. He has battled COVID this year and is also working a full-time job as a county bus operator.
  • God to bless the efforts of GNBINTHECITY as they care for and minister to the people in their community.
  • The community of Liberty City, Florida.


Let us know if you prayed for Greater New Bethel of Liberty City Florida!