Pray for Living Grace Church in Waco, Texas

Living Grace Church in Waco Texas is a young and thriving church with a variety of ages and ethnicities. They began with an unwavering trust in God, and have grown to 80 in regular attendance. They focus on teaching and training new life in Christ and implementing His victory on a personal and corporate level.

The senior pastor, James Ramirez, and his wife, Lara, serve the church with Christ-centered preaching and teaching. They are supported with an advisory board of seven, who help create a teachable atmosphere that reflects faith in the finished work of Christ.

Being a relatively new church, they have yet to find a permanent building. They are asking God to supply a new building to replace the business complex they rent.

Join us as we pray specifically for:

  • Pastor Ramirez and his wife Lara who serves alongside him, as well as their children and overall health.
  • Continued spiritual growth and an unwavering intentionality in discipleship.
  • God’s blessing of a new building that they can worship in.
  • Others who would be raised up to serve in their ministry.


Let us know if you prayed for Living Grace Church!