Pray for Redeemer Lutheran Church in Englewood, Florida


Redeemer Lutheran Church Englewood, Florida is located on the western coast of Florida, between Ft. Myers and St. Petersburg. Supported by the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, Redeemer Lutheran has been faithfully serving the Englewood community since 1979. They also operate a childcare center and school throughout the week.

Craig Mathews has been serving as their vacancy pastor since 2022 as they are currently without a full-time, permanent pastor. One of their prayers is that God will fill this position soon and transition well in the process. Under his leadership, the church offers AA classes during the week, as well as chapel services for the children who attend the school.

The daycare and school operates about a minute’s walk from the church, enrolling between 75-100 in the daycare and 35-40 children in grades K-6. The vast majority of these students are not members of Redeemer Lutheran; many have no church home at all.


Join us as we pray specifically for:

  • That God will bring the man He desires to serve Redeemer Lutheran.
  • Wisdom while they are a transition period to continue to reach the Englewood community with the gospel.
  • The children will continue to learn about Jesus in the grade school and daycare and that the church members and leadership will make gospel connections to the families of these children.
  • The current vacancy pastor, Craig Mathews, as he leads and serves the church until they find their next pastor.
  • That God’s Spirit will guide and direct the people of Redeemer to connect with the unchurched families that attend the school so that they can experience God’s love, peace, and comfort.


Let us know if you prayed for Redeemer Lutheran Church!