Pray for Scottsdale Christian Church in Scottsdale, Arizona

Pastor: Thom Malone

Weekly Worship: Sundays at 9:30 AM, Mountain

Fast Facts: Scottsdale Christian Church has been serving south Scottsdale, Arizona for 62 years. Many lives have been changed because of the presence of the church in the community. The church is mainly an older congregation due to the neighborhood they are located in.

The church has adopted a low income senior apartment complex in their neighborhood, Hacienda De Los Arcos, and they will being doing many outreach projects throughout 2020. Their first project is a service “Handyman” Day on January 18th where they will be doing odd jobs that the residents are no longer able to for themselves – flipping their mattresses, cleaning high shelves, rearranging furniture, changing light bulbs, etc. Since the residents are low income, the church will also be providing other services and help through out the year as needs arise.

Pastor Malone spends one day a month on campus visiting the residents of Hacienda De Los Arcos and offering them communion. The church provides transportation to church services each week, and will be establishing a weekly Bible study on the property in the next few months. Please pray for Scottsdale Christian and Pastor Malone as they minister to and share the love of Christ with the residents.

Also, please pray for God to provide a new space for Scottsdale Christian to meet. The church sold their building due to its poor condition and moved into a rental space. Unfortunately, the owners of the building have decided to sell the property for redevelopment, and the church will have to relocate. They are having issues finding a new space to house their church with their limited funds. Please pray that God would provide Scottsdale Christian with a new space to replant and grow their church and be a vital part of their community.

Website: ScottsdaleCC.Com

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