Pray for St. John’s Reformed Church in Saint Johnsville, New York

St. John’s Reformed Church in Saint Johnsville, New York, dates back to the 1700s. The architecture of St. John’s draws visitors to stop and gaze. The church’s rich history has also been recorded in several publishings. Records show that from the beginning, the mission has been for St. John’s to be a Great Commission church. This mission still holds for the St. John’s community today. In the 1950s, the large sanctuary was regularly filled with a weekly attendance of 200-300. However, attendance significantly dropped during a season, almost leading to closure. The few families that remained held onto the mission, and under the leadership of Preaching Elder David Keyser, they have seen God bring new life and growth to St. John’s.

During the revitalization effort at St. John’s, three young families joined, leading to an overall increase in attendance. As they work through the revitalization process, they pray for ways to utilize the large kitchen, basement stage area, chapel, and sanctuary at St. John’s to benefit the community. An upcoming event they are hosting is a gospel concert on June 13, 2024. This night aims to raise money for the New Hope Children’s Home in Peru. The people of St. John’s are excited and hopeful at what the Lord will do as they seek Him.

Let us  join together in praying for the revitalization of St. John’s:

  • Pray that the Lord would provide the people of St. John’s opportunities to share Christ.
  • Pray for more volunteers to teach Sunday School and assist in the music ministry.
  • Pray for Elder Keyser to have wisdom and guidance as he develops an outreach program.
  • Pray that those attending the Wednesday night Bible Study experience spiritual growth.
  • Pray for the membership to grow with people who are passionate about the gospel.

Let us know if you prayed for St. John’s Reformed Church!