Pray for The Church in Caronport in Saskatchewan, Canada

The Church in Caronport was formed last fall by a merger of two previous congregations in the community of Caronport in Saskatchewan, Canada. Under the leadership of Pastor Joshua Knowles, the church had met together as a combined church for almost exactly six months before COVID happened. Then, the church did not worship in-person for almost six months due to the pandemic restrictions.

The church resumed in-person services on September 13 at their location on the campus of a small Christian college. After six months apart, it was so meaningful for the members to be back together. They are now offering two services to accommodate people due to ongoing COVID restrictions on gathering sizes. They are also hosting prayer groups to expand beyond Sunday services, and more people are beginning to participate.

In some ways, it feels like the church merger is starting over as the church relaunches, but Pastor Knowles and The Church in Caronport are committed to moving forward to reach their community for Christ.

Please join us as we pray specifically for:

  • Unification of the congregation around the gospel and discipleship.
  • Pastor Joshua Knowles as he leads the church as they relaunch post-quarantine.
  • The church to develop a real passion for and commitment to prayer.
  • The community of Caronport in Saskatchewan, Canada.





Let us know if you prayed for The Church in Caronport!