Pray for Trier Ridge Community Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Pastor: Ross Osborn

Weekly Worship: 10:00 AM, Eastern

Fast Facts: Trier Ridge Community Church has been around for over 110 years, but is presently transitioning from an inwardly focused church to one that is engaging the community and making a difference in the area of its city that deals with the most poverty, crime, and violence. Trier Ridge offers several outreaches to simply love its city and let them know they are important to God.

The weekend of September 27, they will be serving their community in different ways through their 2nd annual “Love Our City” campaign. The goal is for this to become ingrained more and more into their DNA and ultimately become who they are and not just a campaign. The church offers weekly free lunches for the community, refit exercise outreach, center shot archery outreach, an ongoing VBS-style ministry, and partners with a local school and a large food bank. Please pray for fresh leadership, and that they would sense the new direction the Lord is leading.


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