Pray for Westside Christian Church in Bradenton, Florida

Pastor: Tim Boyd

Weekly Worship: Sundays at 8:30, 9:45, & 11:00, Eastern

Fast Facts: Westside Christian Church in Bradenton, Florida is the recipient of Revitalize Network’s 2020 Church of the Year Growth Award.

Westside Church started several decades ago. For many years, they ministered to retirees who moved to Bradenton. The problem was the neighborhood began to change. It got younger and more diverse. The retirees got older. In order for the church to survive another generation, something had to be done. Since the church was not in crisis, Pastor Tim Boyd took a measured and careful approach. He taught what it meant to be a church focused on God’s mission. They reworked church polity. They developed leaders. They equipped and empowered the congregation for ministry.

During the first five years, change was slow, but then the neighborhood started to show up. Recently, Tim asked the congregation to raise their hands if they had attended Westside for less than a year. About 40% to 50% of the people put their hands in the air. The church now has three worship options on Sunday morning, and close to 300 people now call Westside Christian Church home.

Please pray for Pastor Tim and the members at Westside as they continue to grow and reach their neighborhood for Christ.

Website: http://www.WestsideChristianChurch

The 2020 Church of the Year Growth Award was made possible by Gloo.

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