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Certification in Expository Preaching

Grow Your Preaching Skills and Ability

Dr. Chuck Lawless, Dr. Sam Rainer, and Dr. Matt McCraw team up to bring you comprehensive and in-depth training to become a better expository preacher.

    • Receive a premier certification
    • Step-by-step training
    • Personal mentor and coach
    • Review of your sermon
    • Workbook and Several Helpful Downloads


Certification in Expository Preaching

Grow Your Preaching Skills and Ability

The Premier Certification for Preachers and Teachers of God’s Word

Preaching is a central part of church life. This certification will equip you to be a better expositor of God’s Word. Whether you are beginning to preach or have many years of experience, this training will give you a greater passion and understanding of the best preaching techniques, methods of preparation, and sermon delivery.

Who is the certification for?

  • Lead pastors wanting to enhance their preaching skills
  • Seminary students looking to augment their knowledge
  • Church leaders desiring practical guidance on preaching and teaching
  • Teaching pastors seeking to deepen their understanding of expository methods
  • Small group leaders wanting to improve their ability to unpack biblical passages
  • Preachers desiring to become better communicators
  • Associate pastors desiring to sharpen their preaching skills
  • Anyone who loves to teach God’s Word

Meet Your Leadership & Faculty

Thom Rainer Headshot

Thom S. Rainer

Founder, CEO, & Lead Coach
Read Thom’s Bio

Sam Rainer

President, Senior Coach, Instructor
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Chuck Lawless

Church Answers Coach, Instructor
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Matt McCraw

Church Answers Coach

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Art Rainer Headshot

Art Rainer

Church Answers Coach
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Jess Rainer Headshot

Jess Rainer

Church Answers Coach
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Tyrone Barnett

Church Answers Coach
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Jacki C. King

Church Answers Coach
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Jana Biesecker

Vice President, Customer Experience

Church Consultation Administration

Allyson Strickland

Certification Administration

How the Certification Course Works

Video-Based Learning

Course work happens online and is on demand. Participants can work at their own pace.


Multiple resources are available for each module to help participants with course work and consultations.


Every participant will be assigned a mentor as they progress through certification.

6 Months Access to Church Answers

Church Answers Central is an online community of 1,500+ church leaders. CCU participants will be able to converse with leaders about current trends in the church.

Sermon Review

Get personalized input on your sermon delivery

Professional Certification Diploma

All graduates will receive a certification diploma.

Money-Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with Church Consultation University you may receive a full refund. Request must be submitted within the first 30 days. No questions asked.

Certification in Expository Preaching

Register now to enhance your ability to communicate God’s Word.

Sound preaching is one of the most impactful ways to lead a church. God’s Word should be central in every church. This certification will help you shepherd your congregation through expository preaching.

Learner Guide
Mentoring Calls
  • Module 1: The Expository Preacher
    • Introduction and Expectations
      6 min
    • Module 1 - Course A: The Purpose of Expository Preaching
      17 min
    • Module 1 - Course B: Why Expository Preaching is Needed in the Church Today
      10 min
    • Module 1 - Course C: Preparing Your Soul to Preach Expositorily
      13 min
    • Module 1 - Course D: "Just Preach the Word" Is Not Enough
      12 min
    • Module 1 - Coaching Instructions and Assignments
      3 min
  • Module 2: Crafting the Expository Sermon
    • Module 2 - Course A: How to Build an Engaging Expository Sermon
      23 min
    • Module 2 - Course B: Choosing a Text for the Expository Sermon Sam Rainer
      10 min
    • Module 2 - Course C: Major Pitfalls to Avoid When Writing Expository Sermons
      10 min
    • Module 2 - Course D: Best Practices for Preaching Expository Sermons
      13 min
    • Module 2 - Coaching Instructions and Assignments
      2 min
  • Module 3: Illustrating the Expository Sermon
    • Module 3 - Course A: Introductions and Making the Text Come Alive for Your Church
      14 min
    • Module 3 - Course B: How to Use Humor in Your Preaching Without Falling Flat
      13 min
    • Module 3 - Course C: Five Key Sources for Sermon Illustrations and Why They Are Important
      13 min
    • Module 3 - Course D: Landing the Plane Smoothly With Your Conclusions
      12 min
    • Module 3 - Coaching Instructions and Assignments
      2 min
  • Module 4: Applying an Ancient Text to the Modern World
    • Module 4 - Course A: Preaching Expository Sermons to a World that Is Biblically Illiterate
      12 min
    • Module 4 - Course B: Why Proper Hermeneutics Are More Important than Ever
      9 min
    • Module 4 - Course C: Why All of Scripture is For Every Part of Our Lives
      7 min
    • Module 4 - Course D: Practical Tips to Increase Audience Engagement through Application
      15 min
    • Module 4 - Coaching Instructions and Assignments
      1 min
  • Module 5: The Expository Church
    • Module 5 - Course A: Preaching and Spiritual Warfare
      14 min
    • Module 5 - Course B: The Pulpit as a Discipleship Tool
      13 min
    • Module 5 - Course C: Connecting the Expository Sermon to All Ages
      11 min
    • Module 5 - Course D: The Prophetic Voice and the Shepherd’s Hand
      9 min
    • Module 5 - Coaching Instructions and Assignments
      2 min
    • Assignment Completion Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements for acceptance?

    Though many who complete this certification will have seminary training, it is not required. Since most preaching is in the context of a local church, we ask you to have a commitment to a congregation.

  • Do I need to be a lead pastor?

    No, this certification is for anyone in a preaching or teaching role at a local church. 

  • Do I need preaching experience?

    Most who take this certification have delivered sermons. But if you have no sermon experience, this training will be an excellent way to learn expository preaching in depth.

  • Who will be my coach?

    A member of the Church Answers coaching team with extensive preaching experience.

  • What will I learn?

    This certification is a comprehensive training experience. You will learn about sermon preparation, delivery, and application.

  • How long does the certification take?

    The video courses are designed for the student to go at his or her own pace. Most students can complete the certification in about six months. If the student needs time beyond twelve months, he or she can request an extension of up to another six months.

  • Are there books required for the courses?

    Yes, this certification requires some reading. The books complement the courses, and most students will find them fun and engaging.

More Questions?

Contact us at 615-669-8201 or email [email protected] for assistance.