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Church Revitalization Certification

Moving churches from flatlined to flourishing.

Thom Rainer and Sam Rainer lead this video-based training on becoming a certified church revitalization specialist pastor in as little as six months. Church Answers is the premier organization in the world that provides certification for leaders who desire to lead in the area of church revitalization.


Two of our most popular resources used in consultations!

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The Hope Initiative is for pastors and churches looking to reinvigorate their commitment to evangelism. Expand your outreach and connect with your community through this simple, reproducible 30-day program.

Invite Your One

Most people visit a church because someone invited them.  In this online course, Dr. Rainer walks you through how to move your church from inward to outward and have an inviting culture.

Church Revitalization Certification

Moving churches from flatlined to flourishing.

The Premier Certification for Leaders Who Want to Become Church Revitalization Specialists

You care about the church, and Church Revitalization Certification will take you through how to help churches in need. At certificate completion, participants will be able to define the need for revitalization, help churches know themselves, help churches know their community, and understand how to help churches move forward.

Who is the certification for?

  • Pastors or church leaders who desire to help other churches.
  • Denominational, associational, district, and judicatory leaders.
  • Retired pastors or church leaders who want to continue to add value to gospel kingdom impact.
  • Church reconciliation agents.
  • Pastors and church leaders with a desire to make a gospel impact.
  • Pastors and church leaders who would like to make some money on the side.

Meet Your Leadership & Faculty

Thom Rainer Headshot

Thom S. Rainer

Founder, CEO, & Lead Coach
Read Thom’s Bio

Sam Rainer

President & Senior Coach
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How the Certification Course Works

Video-Based Learning

Course work happens online and is on demand. Participants can work at their own pace.


Multiple resources are available for each module to help participants with course work and consultations.


Every participant will be assigned a mentor as they progress through certification.

6 Months Access to Church Answers

Church Answers is an online community of 1,500+ church leaders. Church Revitalization participants will be able to converse with other leaders and pastors about current trends in the church.

Professional Certification Diploma

All graduates will receive a certification diploma.

  • It is my joy to provide leadership to a network of almost 200 churches in Michigan. I found the Church Revitalization Course offered by Church Answers to be a beneficial resource for equipping me to lead churches through the revitalization process. Each video session is easy to follow and gives good, practical counsel. The resource tools included with the training provide quality and easy-to-understand evaluation resources for me to share with the individuals involved in a revitalization project. These tools are adaptable to any size church and context.

    Ken Floyd
    Executive Ministry Director, Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches
  • As a church planter, I wanted to understand the realities facing the established church in my community. Having completed this course, I now realize how important it is for a new church plant to have vibrant and established churches nearby. I now have a burden not only for new church plants but also to help older churches grow.

    Also, as a church planter, I am very familiar with social media promotion and live-streaming. This, combined with the knowledge I gained in the church revitalization course, enabled me to help pastors with older congregations use technology to continue ministry during COVID-19.

    Ron Crum
    Lead Pastor and Planter, Panama City, Florida
  • As an associate and senior pastor for 20 years serving in the trenches, I can tell you that the Church Answers Revitalization Course hits a home run! Thom and Sam Rainer give the basics of how to turn a struggling church around. When coupled with the open discussion board of Church Answers Central, you receive real-time education (at your own place and pace). My favorite discovery was the Change Readiness Inventory. The Rainers discuss why there is a sense of urgency in church revitalization and why knowing your church, community, and yourself is important. This course is of great value for a pastor’s personal use and the church consultant who may help other churches on the path to renewal and revitalization. I highly recommend this resource.

    Barry Giddens
    Senior Pastor, White Bluff, Savannah, GA

Money-Back Guarantee

If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with Church Revitalization Certification, you may receive a full refund. The request must be submitted within the first 30 days. No questions asked.

Church Revitalization Certification

How you can help churches in transition.

The Church Revitalization Certification is for leaders who want to see struggling churches make a greater gospel impact. Thom and Sam Rainer will guide students through how to help churches move from an inward focus to actively pursuing the Great Commission.

45 page
Student Workbook
Mentoring Call
  • Welcome to Church Revitalization Certification
    • Getting Started: Church Answers Membership and Book Requirements
    • Getting Started: Assignment Requirement in Church Answers Central
      6 min
    • Getting Started: Expectations for student
  • Module 1: What is Church Revitalization?
    • Course 1: Introduction to Church Revitalization
      17 min
    • Course 2: The language of revitalization
      16 min
  • Module 2: The Need for Church Revitalization
    • Course 3: Factors driving the revitalization wave: Internal factors
      17 min
    • Course 4: Factors driving the revitalization wave: external factors
      16 min
    • Course 5: Typology of churches needing revitalizing
      17 min
  • Module 3: The Three “Knows” of Revitalization
    • Course 6: Introduction to “knows”
      7 min
    • Course 7: Know your self
      17 min
    • Course 8: Know your church
      17 min
    • Course 9: Know your community
      18 min
  • Module 4: The Revitalizer Checklist
    • Course 10: Understanding the 7 Ps
      9 min
    • Course 11: Priorities: What’s most urgent?
      12 min
    • Course 12: Pace: How fast can the church move?
      14 min
    • Course 13: Perspectives: How do you manage expectations?
      17 min
    • Course 14: People: What is the capacity to move forward?
      9 min
    • Course 15: Place: What are the issues with the context and facilities?
      16 min
    • Course 16: Purpose: How can the church move outwardly?
      16 min
    • Course 17: Pathway: What is the realistic next step?
      17 min

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